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This is a rant, but it might come off as a peeve, because it’s that, too.

Here’s the rant: when photographers accompany their photos on sites like fstoppers with the type of camera they used and what their exposure settings were I cringe every time. Why? Because, it’s pointless information that is of no use and, therefore, I don’t care about it.

If you don’t know about fstoppers, it’s a group with a lot of photos on it. A LOT. Almost daily, someone posts a photo along with a caption that says something like, Nikon D850, ISO 400, f5.6 @ 1/200, or whatever the real setting were. That info would be useful if you were right next to the photographer, shooting with them, like, “Hey, Stacy. What are your settings? My meter’s a little off.”; or if it’s shot in a studio, setup with flash, maybe it’d be might be useful too.

But, if you’re sitting at your dining table a million miles away, which you will be, how does it help? As much as I’ve tried, I can’t think of one reason it’s remotely useful.

I’ll prove it. Let’s say the photo, below, which I took, was the one posted. And I was like, “I shot this on my Canon 5D Mk3, at ISO 200, f2.8 @1/500.” No details about where the sun was, what I had my color balance set to, just camera type, ISO, aperture and shutter speed. What, exactly, is supposed to happen next?

Do you think, the next time you shoot kids, you’ll think to yourself, “I know exactly what to do. No worries!” And your photos will come out exactly the same?

I think you’ll look at the photo and think, “Great photo. I love the energy of the two kids hugging (or something like that).”

As an aside, no one asked me about my settings or my camera. And, I don’t remember them. Because, as I said, they don’t matter.

If you do this, please stop.

If you really want be helpful, tell us how you post process your photos; tell us what you were going for; or give us a back story. Everyone loves a good back story.

As viewers all we care about are engaging photos, with good composition, that captures plenty of emotion and energy. Camera settings and type are, in fact, the least useful pieces of information, unless your goal is to make people yawn.

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